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Take SKITuations Home!

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SKITuations is perfect for Christian homeschool or family devotions! 
Each short Christian drama script is a heart-warming episode in the continuing story
of four children and the parents who teach them.

Together, they learn…

Each Skit Package includes up to two hours of family-fun, Bible study, and biblical application activities that help you, as a parent, build the spiritual foundation of your children.

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Ways To Use SKITuations For
Family and Christian Homeschool

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Meet The Characters of The SKITuations Stories
For Homeschool And Family Use!

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Dad / Pastor Rufus

Rufus Oaks is the part-time Family Pastor at the church. He is also the part-time maintenance man at the apartment complex nearby, where he lives with his wife, Bonnie, and his kids: Harvey and Tina. He is usually in the “right place at the right time” to help the kids understand how God’s Word can solve the problems they encounter. He has a wealth of object lessons and metaphors that make the Christian life come alive for kids.

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Bonnie Oaks was raised in Africa when her family served there as missionaries. She has a heart for helping people at home and across the world; that’s why her living room always has “care packages” stacked in the corner. Now, Bonnie’s mission field is her home and family as she assists her husband, Rufus, in his family ministry and homeschools her kids–Harvey and Tina.

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Harvey Oaks is a good-natured ten-year-old who is “all boy.” He’s the first of the four SKITuations characters to become a Christian. He grows in his Christian life in the middle of the challenges and temptations of the elementary years.

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Tina Oaks is a six-year-old picture of innocence. Her older brother, Harvey, is her hero. She asks all the questions that little kids are thinking. She desperately wants to “fit in” with the big kids, and often brings the obvious answer to the problems they create for themselves.

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Clementine Johnson is a sensitive ten-years old; her popularity at the apartment complex indicates that she is the “perfect friend,” especially to little Tina. She is loyal, kind, and eager to do the right thing, as she continues to learn that all truth comes from God.

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Zelda Miller is a ten-year-old fireball. She’s had a hard life, and doesn’t accept any “easy” answers. Underneath her tough exterior, she shows a soft heart. Her quick wit and short temper liven up the apartment complex where Clem and the Oaks family also live.