“God, Look!”

An image from the play, "God, Look!" in which the "Teacher" motions to "Lost," while "Found" looks on.


An evangelistic community outreach script that takes the audience on a search for what pleases God the most!


“Teacher, does this please God?”

“God, Look!” is a one-hour evangelistic Christian drama written to answer the question, “What is it that pleases God the most?”  It speaks to every person’s search for significance.  This evangelistic Christian drama play follows the adventures of a new Christian, “Lost,” who becomes “Found,” then learns from her “Teacher” the importance of helping one “Lost” person at a time become “Found.”


The "Teacher" removes the mask from the face of "Lost."

“Lost Is Found”

The character, “Lost,” is found by the character “Teacher,” who tells her about Jesus.  “Lost” accepts Jesus, becomes “Found,” and begins her journey as a believer.   


“Teacher” Challenges “Found”

“Found” stands in awe at the simplicity of God’s call to evangelism as she 
 realizes that we cannot remain simply “Found.” Each Christian shares the 
 high calling to become “Teacher”; thus, we start the “Lost-Found-Teacher” 
 cycle anew with each new soul born into the Kingdom of God.


"Teacher" motions to interest "Found" in all that might please God.

"Found" considers Christian t-shirts as something that might please God.

“Found” Searches

“Found” searches for what pleases God the most.  Each time she finds a new option, she says, “God, Look!” and holds up the new item that she has discovered.  “Found” explores trinkets, clothing, bumper stickers, and even Bible covers; but, soon discovers that these things don’t please God the most. 


“Teacher” Introduces “Found” To “Lost”

After “Found” can’t discover what pleases God the most, “Teacher” introduces her to “Lost.” “Found” discovers that what pleases God the most is to share His love with others.  


"Teacher" challenges "Found" to consider helping "Lost."

"Found" is frightened of ministering to "Lost."

“Found” Becomes “Teacher”

“Found” ministers to “Lost,” and becomes “Teacher.”  She then discovers how challenging it is to minister to those who are “Lost.”  


“Lost” Becomes “Found”

 After a long “journey” to discover what pleases God the most,
 “Found” is led to a new “Lost” person.  “Found” becomes
 “Teacher,” and leads the new “Lost” to be “Found” in Jesus!  
 Then she exclaims, “God, Look!” 


"Teacher" lifts the hands of the new "Found" in celebration.

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The Stirring Story of “God, Look!”

(“Amazing Grace,” “Jesus Loves Me,” “His Name Is Wonderful,” “Take My Life And Let It Be,” “Nothing But The Blood of Jesus,” “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” “Have Thine Own Way,” “His Eye Is On The Sparrow,” “Be Thou My Vision,” “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart,” and “Rock of Ages”)


This “dream play” speaks to every person’s search for significance. It follows the adventures of a new Christian, “Lost” who becomes “Found,” then learns from her “Teacher,” the importance of helping one “Lost” person at a time, to become “Found.” She stands in awe at the simplicity of God’s high call to obedience and evangelism.

A black and white image depicting

The “God, Look! Production Package”

Click here to download everything you need to produce this life-changing community and family experience for FREE!  The “Performance Package” contents are: a complete script with technical cues, soundtrack files with or without vocals, sheet music for your own musicians, and a full performance video for your cast and crew to enjoy.