Vol. 6 – Fruit of the Spirit – (Electronic)


In 6 ELECTRONIC Skit Packages, and a study of the book of Acts, the children are introduced to the ministry of the Holy Spirit as He empowers the life of the believer. Clem becomes a Christian, and the “fruit,” or results, of the Holy Spirit’s presence in her life, provides opportunities for the children to learn what it means to have “Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Goodness, and Self-control” in our daily lives.

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This volume of 6 ELECTRONIC Skit Packages explains the results of living a “fruitful life” which is powered by the Holy Spirit. In this volume, Clementine becomes a Christian. She and the other characters learn that the Holy Spirit is a form of God. He is one of the 3 “forms” of God: God, the Creator, Jesus, the Son/savior, and the Holy Spirit, the invisible power of God.

Through systematic studies of the “Action Heroes” in the book of Acts, the characters learn that the Holy Spirit can give them “supernatural” power to obey God and to be witnesses for God through their actions. Each week, different “fruit” of the Holy Spirit are taught through studies of the Apostles in the book of Acts.

The characters are all challenged to let the Holy Spirit give them the power to show “proof” of God’s presence in their lives by displaying the Fruit of the Spirit in their actions. Use this volume of Christian drama scripts for children to challenge the children to spiritual growth, evangelism, and Christian discipleship.

Skits In This Volume

  • Skit Package 1: “The Power of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 1: 8; Galatians 5: 22)

    A power-outage sets the stage for Rufus to explain that the Holy Spirit is the third part of God that gives believers the power to live victorious Christian lives. Clem becomes a Christian and learns that the Holy Spirit will help her produce (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, and self-control) that will show others that she is a Christian. After Tina takes the tags off of the fruit trees that Rufus plans to plant, they all have to wait for the trees to grow up and produce fruit, just like Christians have to grow up to produce the Fruit of the Spirit.

  • Skit Package 2: “Love” (1 John 3: 18; Acts 3: 1-10)

    When Harvey can’t stop playing his computer game, Pastor Rufus asks him if he wants to hear about the real Action Heroes in the book of Acts. After Clem, Tina, Zelda, and Harvey act out the story of Peter and John healing the lame man, they learn about another Fruit of the Spirit. They learn that love is doing what is best for others, even if it is hard for you to do. They all decide to show that kind of love to the people in the homeless shelter. Clem and Harvey gave up their valuable things, but Zelda and Tina gave old stuff; they were selfish.

  • Skit Package 3: “Faithfulness and Self-control” (Acts 5: 17-42)

    Pastor Rufus’ story about the Apostles preaching, even after they have been flogged and imprisoned, gives Clem new confidence to be faithful and stand up for her faith at school. Harvey learns an embarrassing lesson about when his parents hire a babysitter for him and Tina because they can’t trust Harvey to take care of Tina for after school. Tina is so impressed with Clem’s courage, that she names her Spirit Girl because the Fruit of the Spirit is so evident in Clem’s life.

  • Skit Package 4: “Gentleness and Goodness” (Acts 9: 3-20; Psalm 119: 105)

    Clem’s teacher wants to learn more about God because she was so impressed with Clem’s decision to stand up for God. Pastor Rufus tells Clem that she is just like Ananias because she obeyed God and used Holy Spirit power to do what is good and right. When Harvey rescues some baby birds, he learns that gentleness and goodness go together.

  • Skit Package 5: “Joy and Patience” (Acts 12: 5-17; Nehemiah 8: 10)

    Harvey is very unhappy when his new fishing pole turns out to be broken, but he learns that joy means having hope that something wonderful will happen. Tina is disappointed because she can’t wear her new dress to the Mother-Daughter Tea with her mom, who is sick. She learns that patience is waiting for things to happen. Pastor Rufus tells the story of Peter’s joy in the Lord, and the patience of the early church as they prayed for Peter’s release in Acts 12:5-17. Both Tina and Harvey discover that no matter what disappoints us in life, the Holy Spirit will give us the power to be joyful and patient.

  • Skit Package 6: “Peace and Kindness” (Acts 16: 23-34; Ephesians 4: 32)

    Tina gives Harvey an Action Hero cape, and calls him Spirit Boy after he invites her to join him on the camping trip with their dad. Harvey’s act of kindness came after Pastor Rufus told them the story of Paul and Silas in Acts 16: 23-34. It was their peace in jail, and their kindness to the Jailer that inspired Harvey to show his love to Tina in this way. Harvey’s peace and Tina’s reaction afterward made his sacrifice all worth it.

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The Power of the Holy Spirit • Love • Faithfulness and Self-control • Gentleness and Goodness • Joy and Patience • Kindness and Peace


The power of the Holy Spirit • the trinity • Holy Spirit power • fruit of the Spirit • Father • witnesses • love • Agape love • loving God • loving others • sacrifice for others • Peter and John • faithfulness • self-control • courage • obedience • obey God • gentleness • gentle • goodness • good • decisions • choices • Ananias • conversion of Saul • conversion of Paul • boldness • obedience • joy • patience • disappointment • waiting • trust God • Peter • looking forward to Heaven • joy of the Lord • strength • peace • kindness • kind • God’s peace • Paul and Silas • sacrifice • care for others • trust God • the power of the Holy Spirit • the fruit of the Spirit


Acts 1: 8 • John 14: 16-20 • John 14: 26 • Acts 2: 1-13 • Acts 2: 37-47 • Galatians 5: 22 • Acts 3: 1-10 • 1 John 3: 18 • Acts 4: 1-31 • Acts 5: 29 • Psalm 119: 105 • Acts 9: 3-20 • Acts 12:5-17 • Nehemiah 8: 10 • Acts 16: 23-34 • Ephesians 4: 32


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Identify the Trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit., Define a “fruit” as an “action.”, Compare themselves to trees who produce Christian “fruit.”, List and define all nine of the “Fruit of the Spirit.”, Identify the meaning of “Agape” love., Remember the story of Peter and the lame man in Acts 3:1-10., Define what it means to be God’s “Action Heroes.”, Show the fruit of “Agape” love in their lives., Remember the story of the Holy Spirit helping the Apostles preach in Acts 5:17-42., Define the meaning of “Faithfulness” and “Self-control.”, Remember to glorify God by practicing the “SPIRIT” acronym., Remember the story of Ananias using Holy Spirit “Gentleness.” and “Goodness” in Acts 9:3-20., Define the meaning of “Goodness” and “Gentleness.”, Learn that the Holy Spirit gave “joy” and “patience” to Peter and the other Christians n Acts 12:5-17., Define the meaning of “Joy” and “Patience.”, Learn that the Holy Spirit gave Paul and Silas “peace” and the power to show “kindness” in Acts 16: 23-34., Define the meaning of “peace” and “kindness.”, Connect “peace” and “kindness” as going together.


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