Vol. 5 – Prayer & Bible Study – (Electronic)


In 7 ELECTRONIC Skits Packages, the children learn the meaning of inspiration and God’s sovereignty as they explore the importance of prayer and studying the Bible. Zelda discovers that “No,” is an answer to prayer too, and that we must learn to trust God. The children are challenged to have a “secret time” with God while reading the Bible, God’s inspired “directions to an unfinished job.”

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This volume of seven ELECTRONIC Skit Packages explores the topics of inspiration and sovereignty. It explains how we received the Holy Bible, God’s Word, and the importance of reading it faithfully. This volume also explores God’s sovereignty in our relationship to Him through Prayer. Use this volume of Christian drama scripts for children to challenge the children to read the Bible and to grow spiritually.

Skits In This Volume

  • Skit Package 1: “Prayers For Guidance” (Proverbs 3: 5, 6)

    Pastor Rufus has an important decision to make: will he go to work full-time as a maintenance man and quit being a children’s pastor? He models how to pray for guidance that centers on asking God four important questions. At the top of the list is, God, show me what the Bible says about this? Harvey, Tina, Clem, and Zelda, learn how to use their brains as well as their hearts as they ask God for guidance.

  • Skit Package 2: “Prayers For Others” (James 5: 16)

    Harvey, Zelda, and Tina are surprised when Pastor Rufus asks them to pray for him as he makes some decisions about his job. They don’t understand what he means. Clem also needs some prayer support as she makes a difficult decision. In a comical turn of events, the children learn that God wants us to pray for each other and encourage each other to pray for God’s will.

  • Skit Package 3: “God’s Will Is Sovereign” (Matthew 6: 10)

    Zelda wants to join The Dominators, a tough gang of girls at school. She learns an important lesson about prayer when she has to accept a, No answer from God. Pastor Rufus explains that an answered prayer is not necessarily a Yes answer to our requests; No is an answer, too. God sees into the future, and He knows what’s best; our job is to trust Him and learn to ask for His Will and not ours.

  • Skit Package 4: “Prayers For Courage” (Joshua 1: 5)

    Tina has a terrible time mustering up the courage to go to the dentist. Harvey tries to take her mind off of it by giving her his DiscMan to listen to music. Zelda tries to relax her by letting play games on her Game Boy because she hasn’t helped matters any by recalling dentist horror stories. Finally, Pastor Rufus helps everyone remember that our secret weapon against fear is praying to God for courage.

  • Skit Package 5: “The Bible, The Inspired Word of God” (2 Timothy 3: 16)

    Harvey learns the meaning of inspiration first hand when he asks Clem to help him write his acceptance speech for winning the Citizenship Award. Zelda believes that she should have won, so she plans to inspire him, by prompting him with confusing clues during the speech. When Pastor Rufus explains that the Bible was inspired, by God, Zelda, Clem, Harvey, and Tina have quite a story to tell!

  • Skit Package 6: “The Bible, Carrying Out Your Father’s Plan” (Matthew 28:19, 20)

    Harvey, Zelda, Clem, and Tina learn that the Bible reveals God’s plan for saving the world, and every Christian is entrusted with carrying out his/her role in advancing the agenda of God for mankind. Pastor Rufus becomes an example of being true to the father’s plan when he explains why he can’t install a tether ball pole in a small patch of grass because that is where his own dad wanted to build a greenhouse.

  • Skit Package 7: “How To Have A Secret Time With God” (Psalm 119: 11)

    Harvey has everyone puzzled when he announces that he has a very important daily appointment, that he cannot break, and nothing can get in its way. Zelda, Clem, and Tina follow him to his secret time only to discover that he reads his Bible and prays to God. Pastor Rufus explains that having a regular time of prayer and Bible study is one sure way to prioritize God in our lives and grow as Christians.

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Prayers For Guidance •• Prayers For Others • God's Will Is Sovereign • Prayers For Courage • The Bible, The Inspired Word of God • The Bible, Carrying Out Your Father's Plan • How To Have A Secret Time With God


Pray for guidance • pray for wisdom • God’s will • making decisions • trust God • following God’s Word • reading the Bible • God’s leading • pray for others • encouraging each other • encouraging others • caring for others • sensitive to others • obeying God • praying for courage • fear • faith • Heavenly Father • the Bible • the inspired Word of God • inspiration • the scripture • obeying the Bible • God’s will • God’s plan • faithfulness • following God • having a secret time with God • quiet time • reading God’s Word • daily devotion


Proverbs 3: 5, 6; James 5: 16; Matthew 6: 10; Joshua 1: 5; 2 Timothy 3: 16; Matthew 28: 19, 20; Psalm 119: 11


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Pray for wisdom when they make important decisions., Always see what the Bible says when they make plans., Use their brains as well as their hearts when they pray., Consider how their decisions will affect others., Pray for each other’s needs and concerns., Be open to the will of God and not push their own will., Be sensitive to the needs of others and offer to pray without being asked., Realize that “no, ” or “wait” are answers to prayer., Trust God’s answer and not push their own way., Realize that it is normal to be frightened of things., Ask God to give them courage in hard times., Have faith and trust God, who is our “Heavenly Father.”, Understand the meaning of “inspiration.”, See the Bible, as the “inspired” Word of God., Read the Bible and “hear the voice of God.”, See the Bible as God’s plan for saving the world., Understand that each Christian has a role in faithfully carrying out God’s plan., See the effects of a mess that has to be cleaned up., Set aside some time each day for prayer and Bible study., Pray about their needs as well as thank God for blessings., Read the Bible systematically, a little bit at a time.