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Use SKITuations For Children’s Church, Camp, Christian School, or VBS!


SKITuations is a Christian “soap opera” performed by your teens or adults, dressed as children, in which Godly solutions to everyday problems are portrayed “live” on stage!

Your children won’t want to miss a single episode as they watch the Christian life modeled in each skit. This delightful, continuing story of four children: Harvey, Tina, Clem, Zelda, and their children’s pastor, Rufus, will capture the hearts and minds of children, while modeling Christian values.

With the FREE Training Kit, it’s easy to recruit two rotating teams of actors who ad-lib these lines and rehearse just one hour before show time!

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SKITuations is…

  • FREE!

    Every SKITuations Skit Package is FREE! Each Skit Package includes:

    • A lively Christian SKIT – With objective, stage directions, illustrations, and props list
    • An interactive SERMON – With objective, outline, and kid questions
    • Skit FREEZE suggestions – With skit prompts and sermon suggestions
    • Experience-rich Christian ACTIVITY options – With skit-connections and directions
    • DIRECTOR’S GUIDE – With rehearsal, directing and team development ideas
    • Skit-related COMMUNION AND OFFERING thoughts – With suggested dialog
  • Interdenominational!

    We have carefully, and prayerfully written the Christian scripts and activities in such a way as to make all denominations as comfortable as possible. With over 15 major denominations using our Christian drama curriculum on a regular basis, we think our goal has been accomplished. We encourage you to adjust the scripts or Bible activities to suit your own denominational uniqueness, if you want. Click here to read our statement of faith.

  • Successful!

    Each Christian drama skit deals with the conflicts in a child’s world, so the program is deeply interesting to children.

    A testimony from a SKITuations user.

    The 5 characters that appear in each skit are “real.” There is a blend of humor, emotions, and spiritual feeding that is so enjoyable to children that it makes them want to come back every week, and bring their friends! We believe it is successful because it brings children closer to Jesus.

    The fact that attendance increases and whole families are touched is and added plus.

  • Interactive!

    The interaction between the youth/adult actors and the children is powerful! The actors become significant Christian role models in the children’s lives; almost to the level of “stars.” The children are mentally active during the skit, and then physically active during the skit-related small group activities that follow.

  • Effective With Multiple Ages!

    Christian drama is a powerful ministry tool! Elementary children engage the skit on many different levels, depending on their maturity and learning styles.A testimony from a SKITuations user.

    Younger children enjoy the humor and interaction between the charactersOlder children understand the “deeper meanings” of the skits and apply them to their lives. Children who need to move or touch things enjoy the variety of skit-related activities afterward.

    This is an excellent program for multiple ages in one room!

  • Can Fill 10 Minutes To 2 Hours!

    The skits will take an average of 10-15 minutes each to perform. The activities that are included with each skit can fill up to an hour. If you decide to let your actors enjoy ad-libbing their lines, the skits can stretch up to 25 minutes. When you add communion and offering (included in each Skit Package), times of prayer, worship, or special music, the entire SKITuations experience can last up to 2 hours!

  • Versatile!

    A testimony from a SKITuations user.Although SKITuations was originally written for children’s church, these practical scripts are ideal for many other ministry settings, such as: Christian school chapels, VBS, family devotions, Christian camps, or Christian homeschool applications of biblical truth.


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