Problems With Parents – (Electronic)


ELECTRONIC Skit Package 2 – Harvey and the children discover that sometimes we blame our parents for things that are our fault and that we should take responsibility for our own actions.

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In this ELECTRONIC second skit in Volume 3, “Living In Christ,” Harvey has a terrible day: he has to spend his money on a present for Tina, he has to do his chores, and he’s on restriction for breaking a neighbor’s window with a baseball. He is convinced that nobody loves him, so he runs away from home. Pastor Rufus meets him at the bus stop and shows Harvey that he is blaming his parents for things that are his fault and that he should take responsibility for his own actions.

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Matthew 7: 3


Dealing with parents • obeying parents • respecting parents • honoring parents • accepting responsibility for actions • adjusting motives • talking about your feelings • respect • pray for strength


15 minutes


This is an ELECTRONIC script. You will be given a link to download this file after your purchase is approved. No shipping required!


Examine their own motives and actions regarding their parents., Learn how to get the anger “WET, ” but be respectful., Talk about their feelings when they think parents are wrong.


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