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FREE Skit Package Sample!

A montage of images showing children enjoying a skit, and engaged in small group discussions.

We know that sometimes it is easier to “test” a script or idea first, before buying. It may also be necessary to show a sample script to your supervisor before purchasing is approved.

For these reasons, we are happy to provide you with a FREE sample Skit Package. Download it, and pray for God’s leading as you consider using SKITuations. Each SKITuations Skit Package includes:

  • A skit script •
  • Sermon notes •
  • Directions for skit “freezes” •
  • “Freeze” discussion ideas •
  • Skit-related Communion & Offering Thoughts •
  • 6 skit-related activity ideas:
“Chat” (small group discussion prompts)
“Absorb” (scripture memory activity)
“Recall” (review questions)
“Imagine” (coloring page)
“Design” (craft project)
“Apply” (real-life practice challenge)

Click here for a detailed look at the contents of each Skit Package.

In the FREE Christian Script, you receive a complete set of all of the components listed above. The Skit Package we’ve chosen for this free Christian drama script download is the first skit in Volume 2 “Growing Up With God.”

Click on the link below to download the free sample Skit Package to your computer.

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Click here to download your FREE Sample Skit Package!