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Meet The SKITuations Characters

A SKITuations acting team, with 5 adults and teens.


In today’s world, it is vital that children be given Christian role models, who can also become mentors. This is exactly what the SKITuations characters become!

The 5 actors (youth or adults), who portray the SKITuations characters, begin simply as youth or adult actors, but soon after the first skit, they transform, in the children’s minds, into “stars.” As the children watch these lovable characters deal with life “head-on,” there becomes a relationship between the children and the actors that is a blend of parent/friend/pastor/mentor.


Hear what a youth pastor has to say about his youth performing the skits for children!


These characters have a powerful impact on children for two reasons:

  • first, because this is a spiritual venture, and the Spirit of the Lord touches the hearts and minds of the children;
  • second, because the children can identify with the characters’ feelings, conflicts, and victories.

These characters weep, laugh, and sometimes fail just like the children in the audience. It is that “reality,” that draws the children closer to God! These memorable characters, portrayed in over 100 stories, have been compared to the classic television shows, “I Love Lucy,” or “Peanuts,” in which the characters encounter life, make silly mistakes, yet always rely on their friends and the family members, to see them safely through their adventures.

Pastor Rufus leads these characters as they grow spiritually. It is Pastor Rufus who leads the characters, and the children who watch them, to solve their conflicts with God’s principles. The characters inspire children to “love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength,” and to “love their neighbors as themselves.”

Here are the life-changing characters who live in each SKITuations episode:


An image of the SKITuations character Harvey.


Harvey is a good-natured ten-year-old who is “all boy.” He’’s the first of the four SKITuations characters to become a Christian. He grows in his Christian life in the middle of the temptations of the elementary years.


An image of the SKITuations character Tina.


Tina is a six-year-old picture of innocence. Her older brother, Harvey, is her hero. She asks all the questions that little kids are thinking. She desperately wants to “fit in” with the big kids, and often brings the obvious answer to the problems they create for themselves.


An image of the SKITuations character Clementine."


“Clem” is a sensitive ten-years old, and is the “perfect friend.” She is loyal, kind, and eager to do the right thing. She’s learning that all truth comes from God.


An image of the SKITuations character Zelda."


Zelda is a ten-year-old fireball. She’’s had a hard life, and doesn’t accept any “easy” answers. Underneath her tough exterior, she shows a soft heart. Her quick wit and short temper bring comedy everywhere she goes.


An image of the SKITuations character Pastor Rufus."

Pastor Rufus

Pastor Rufus is the children’s pastor at the church. In his heart his a full time children’s pastor, but he has to work as the part-time maintenance man at the apartment complex where all the kids live, to “make ends meet.” He is usually in the “right place, at the right time” to help the kids understand how God’’s Word can solve the problems they encounter. He has a wealth of object lessons and metaphors that make the Christian life come alive for kids.