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Steve & Cora Alley

Our Story

We were introduced to each other by our pastor. He brought our hands together and said, “See if you two can work something out for children.” Since that wonderful day in 1973, we have been doing just that! Married in 1975, we have been creating ministry material ever since. Because of their unified passion, they have produced SKITuations.  They have also created the Christian school Bible curriculum, “Biblical Choices For A New Generation.” 

About Cora

Cora has a natural gift in dramatic writing with a Master of Arts degree in Theater. She is an excellent teacher with a Master of Science degree in Education and two teaching credentials. Her teaching experiences include several years as a junior high teacher and over 40 years as a college professor. Because of her unique training and calling, her works are recognized as “timeless” in children, youth, and adult ministry. She has written, and produced over 130 theatrical shows for the Church through her InkSpirations ministry. She has a natural ability to touch her audience with the feelings of God in a way they never forget!  Since she is a popular women’s ministry speaker, and a known author, we’ve created a page just about her.  Click her to read more about Cora Alley.

About Steve

Steve’s abilities shine in being able to communicate with children. He has earned a Master of Science degree in Education and a multiple-subject teaching credential. His years of teaching and school administration, have given him an awareness of the needs of today’s child. Steve’s education experience is blended with his 30 years as a Children’s Pastor, to make him somewhat of an expert in ministering to children. He put that expertise into a practical manual for administering children’s ministry entitled, “Growing A Healthy Children’s Ministry” by Standard Publishing (now available as an eBook on Amazon). You can also glean from his years of children’s ministry leadership by visiting his website entitled “Children’s Ministry Answers.”  There, you can search for answers to your children’s ministry questions and download all of his wisdom in succinct, useful documents for free.  Click here to visit that site.

College Professors

Both Steve and Cora are currently employed as college professors. Cora teaches English and Literature online at Hope International University in Fullerton, California.  Steve teaches in the Education Department at Grace College and Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. 

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