Vol. 1 – Becoming A Christian – (Electronic)


In 5 ELECTRONIC Skit Packages, the children experience the basics of Christianity. Together with Harvey, they learn that God shows His love for us in so many wondrous ways, yet we continue to sin. They are challenged to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love their neighbors as they love themselves. Harvey accepts God’s offer of salvation, becomes a Christian, and begins his personal journey with Jesus.

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In this volume of 5 ELECTRONIC Skit Packages, Harvey, Tina, Clem and Zelda learn that God shows His love for us in so many wondrous ways, yet we continue to sin. They discover that sin breaks God’s heart and separates us from Him. It was Jesus who mended God’s heart by fulfilling the Old Testament law of sacrifice and brought us back into fellowship with Him. The characters are challenged to obey God’s “Greatest Commandment,” which says, “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.” They learn that to become a Christian is to become God’s “best friend.” Harvey accepts God’s offer of salvation, becomes a Christian, and begins his personal journey with Jesus.

Skits In This Volume

  • Skit Package 1: “God’s Creation: A Gift of Love” (Genesis 1; Mark 12:30,31; Psalm 104:24)

    To glorify God, Rufus organizes a “Creation Celebration.” He sends everyone on a “Creation Walk” to bring back something God made and something they think God did NOT make. Rufus explains that God also made the raw materials that man uses to make things. Clem is lonely because she moved and left her best friend. Tina and Harvey bring her a cat and a dog, as companions, but Zelda knows that Clem needs human friendship. This skit celebrates the privilege we have to be the “crown of creation,” made in the “image of God,” for fellowship with God. We were made “on purpose and with purpose.”

  • Skit Package 2: “Sin: The Choice To Disobey The Ten Commandments” (Matt. 6:8; Phil. 4: 19)

    Tina learns that a “mistake” is doing the wrong thing when you don’t know any better, like mixing red clothes with white clothes in the wash, and ending up with a load of pink clothes. Zelda, however, learns that a “sin” is intentionally breaking one of God’s “Ten Commandments.” It is choosing to do the wrong thing, when you know what is right, like “borrowing” Clem’s iPod, without asking. When everyone leaves her, Zelda learns that sin separates us from others. Rufus helps Zelda see that she has invited “dirt” into her life through her choice to break God’s law, as he hurries to repair a broken water line that is spewing dirt into everyone’s water in the apartment building.

  • Skit Package 3: “Jesus Died To Forgive Sin” (Romans 3: 23; 1 John 3: 4)

    Harvey takes the punishment for Tina when she burns down the storage shed because she is afraid she will “turn into a frog” if she tells anyone about the secret club. Rufus explains that God loves us so much that Jesus took our punishment of death for sin on the cross because we could not take it for ourselves. Tina makes the connection between what Jesus did for us and what Harvey did for her. Zelda takes her turtles to the church to sacrifice them, hoping their blood will forgive her for stealing Clem’s iPod. Rufus intercepts her just in time and reminds her that the blood of Jesus forgives all sin once and for all.

  • Skit Package 4: “Becoming A Christian” (Romans 3: 23; 6: 23)

    Harvey learns how to become a Christian as he and Pastor Rufus make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the father-son picnic. Zelda “stands at the door and knocks,” because she wants to go, too, so Rufus compares her to Jesus, knocking at the door of our “heart.” Harvey prays and gives His life to Christ, then Rufus explains the significance of baptism. Faith and obedience go together, like peanut butter and jelly. Tina learns that baptism symbolizes an inward change and a new life in Christ; consequently, baptizing Harvey’s toys, so they will be Christians too, is a waste of her time.

  • Skit Package 5: “Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself” (John 3:16;1Peter 3:18;1John 1:9)

    Harvey acts out his Christian commitment when he “loves his neighbor as himself.” During recess, Harvey and the girls witness the school “Tuffs” beating up on Brian. Zelda, Tina, and Clem, warn Harvey not to get involved because he may become the next target for the “Tuffs,” but Harvey goes to Brian’s rescue anyway. Pastor Rufus challenges them to change the world, one person at a time, with courtesy, care, and kindness, and he encourages them to do whatever they can to help people in need.

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God’s Creation: A Gift of Love • Sin: The Choice To Disobey The 10 Commandments • Jesus Died To Forgive Sin • Becoming A Christian • Love Your Neighbor


God’s creation • friends of God • family • God’s provision • made in the image of God • fellowship with God • our miraculous bodies • what is a sin • the difference between a sin and a mistake • knowing right from wrong • choices • temptation • the Ten Commandments • the 10 Commandments • the consequences of sin • the results of sin • separation from God • loving God with all our soul • looking forward to heaven • forgiveness of sin • punishment for sin • animal sacrifice • the deity of Jesus Christ • Jesus’ sacrificial death on a cross • Jesus death on Calvary • the blood of Jesus • grace • mercy • love God with all your mind • take every thought captive • control your thoughts • the promise of everlasting life • how to become a Christian • confession of sins • accepting Jesus Christ • Jesus stands at the door and knocks • the door of our heart • asking Jesus into your heart • commitment to Jesus Christ • being saved • salvation • the sinner’s prayer • the significance of baptism • to


Genesis 1 – Genesis 2:3 • Mark 12: 30, 31 • Psalm 104: 24 • James 4: 17 • Exodus 20: 3-17 • John 3: 16 • Hebrews 9: 22 • 2 Corinthians 10: 5 • Romans 3: 23 • Romans 6: 23 • John 1: 12 • Revelation 3: 20 • Matthew 10: 32 • Romans 6: 4 • 2 Corinthians 5: 17 • Matthew 28: 19, 20


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Give God glory for making a beautiful world., Thank God for giving them all they need., Thank God for their miraculous bodies., Celebrate God’s plan for families – to care for children., Become “friends of God” because He made us “in His image.”, Define a “sin” as a choice to do what they know is wrong., Define a “mistake” as an error they didn’t know was wrong., Identify sin as it is defined in the “Ten Commandments.”, Avoid sin because it ruins their lives & separates them from God., Love God with their souls and look forward to life in Heaven, forever!, Understand that Jesus was God in human form., Realize that Jesus’ death ended animal sacrifice for forgiveness., Love God with all of their minds, as they see how Jesus’ death proves God’s love for them., Take every thought captive and avoid thoughts that lead to sin., Remember that God has showered us with blessings., Differentiate between a sin and a mistake., Understand that we accept Jesus through prayer., Understand the significance of baptism., Love God with “all their strength” by choosing to obey His commands., Show their love for God by loving others., Treat others in the same way they would like to be treated., Actively help people who are hurt, scared, or in need., Make the world a better place, one person at a time., Avoid violence as a solution to problems.