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Act Out The SKITuations Stories As A Family!


Prepare a skit during the day, and enjoy “presenting it” when the whole family is back together!

A framed image of a mom pouring orange juice while her family reads a SKITuations script.



Your family can even perform
these skits for other families in a
multiple family gathering!

Ideas For Enjoying The Skits As A Family

  • No sets or backdrops are needed.
  • Choose to read the scripts with fun sound-effects, or to actually act them out.
  • Make “rehearsals” easy; memorize the scene content, but ad-lib the dialogue (have fun!).
  • Gather simple props from around the house.
  • Stop at the “freezes” and ask your children, “What should happen next?” “How will that choice affect others?”
  • Choose from the many Christian activities in the Skit Package to reinforce biblical truths and apply the “moral of the story” to your children’s daily lives.
  • Perform for your own family or for Christian homeschool or family fellowships.

Children enjoy “hamming it up” as they act out these skits!

Mom and Dad have important teaching roles in each skit!