Three-strand Cord – (Electronic)


In this short skit on church leadership, Joe discovers that God’s presence is the most significant contribution to any team. God’s power carries out His vision through people, and His strand is the most significant in Ecclesiastes 4:12. (Third of three skits, but it can stand alone.)


Joe, a contractor, has come to the realization that God’s way is the best way to accomplish any task.

After reading Ecclesiastes, he begins to understand that God is the third cord in the “three-strand cord that is not easily broken.” God supplies the power and provision to accomplish the vision that He, Himself, instills in those who follow Him.

(NOTE: This skit is the third of three, but it can stand alone.)

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Dramatic Category



Ecclesiastes 4:12


God is the ultimate visionary




2 men


3 minutes


An insightful look at diversity in the "Body of Christ", Presents the importance instilling value in people, Excellent for a sermon on leadership, self-concept, or team building, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!