Chain Reaction – (Electronic)


This “Metaphor Skit” follows the misadventures of Bob Stufflemire as he shops for things he can’t afford. Each time he makes a purchase, a chain is slipped onto his body, until he cannot move. The pastor unwraps Bob and “shows” the audience that bad financial decisions “chain” us up.


In this “Metaphor Skit” which contains 5 scenes, Bob Stufflemire falls prey to credit schemes and ends up in financial bondage.

In “Instant Credit!” he is at the mall where he buys an iPod, and is chained to the “card-swipe” machine with handcuffs as he signs his bill. In “No payments for 3 years!” Bob is at the furniture store where he buys a Lazy-Boy recliner chair. He leans back to test its comfort, then rises with a chain around his neck. In “$2,000 Rebate!” Bob is at the car lot where he buys an over-priced car with his rebate, and the salesman clips a ball & chain to Bob’s leg. In “You Qualify!” He is at the finance company where he gets a quick-cash loan of $3,000. The clerk binds his arms in chains as Bob turns to leave. In “0% interest!” Bob is at the bank where he complains about the finance charge that appeared on his statement. The clerk wraps Bob in chains as she explains that the 0% is only good until his first late payment, then it jumps to 19.99%.

Poor Bob is either left on stage until next week, or he will be unwrapped by the pastor who gives him the key of “choice” to unlock the padlock of his chains.

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Additional information

Dramatic Category

Metaphor Skit


Proverbs 22: 7


Financial bondage


Youth and adult


1 man, 5 others (male or female)


7 minutes


A graphic look at over-spending, Presents a compelling argument for shopping with self-control, Excellent for a sermon on financial stewardship, money, self-control, sin, consequences, or choices, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!