Construction Zone


In this “Metaphor Skit,” people uncoil and recoil to visually represent the broken relationships brought about by harsh words spoken from a prideful heart. Words can both build us up and tear us down depending on their intent.


In this “Metaphor Skit,” Sandy, a new employee, is being given a tour of the company by her boss, who warns her not to let her new “Junior Executive” position go to her head. She is no better than anyone else, so he cautions her against becoming prideful and harsh.

On the tour, they enter a “Construction Zone,” where people are being built up and torn down by the power of words. Sandy watches people respond physically to the egocentric motives and the content of words, as they coil up into a little ball when spoken to harshly, and uncoil when they receive encouraging words.

With the help of her boss, Sandy learns how to repair people through carefully chosen words of encouragement.

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Dramatic Category

Metaphor Skit


James 3: 8


The power of words


Youth and adult


3 men, 3 women


6 minutes


A graphic look at the power of words, Presents a compelling argument for gentleness, Excellent for a sermon on kindness, encouragement, words, pride, or ego, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!