Cyrano – (Electronic)


“Cyrano” is the story of unrequited love. Cyrano de Bergerac writes the words for the gallant young Christian who has stolen Roxanne’s heart. Will Roxanne chose Cyrano or Christian? The answer is in the poetry of the play.


The Christmas Madrigal Dinner is a wondrous night of16th century English charm, where the entire family will be surrounded by traditional carols, a lavish holiday feast, and enjoy the classic Renaissance play.

Tonight’s story is loosely adapted from Edmond Rostand’s 18th century classic, Cyrano De Bergerac. It is a love story, presenting the age-old struggle of unrequited love!

Cyrano, born with a nose that could be the grand prize in a lottery, loves the fair Roxanne; but her heart belongs to the handsome Christian, one of the young knights who has been handpicked by the King to enter a contest for Princess Roxanne’s hand in marriage. What is the contest? Poetry!

The men bristle at expressing themselves in verse, but Cyrano’s poetic soul finds wings! Cyrano’s illusions of marrying his dear Roxanne are dashed, however, when he sees how much she loves Christian.

Cyrano must now measure the true depth of his love. Will Cyrano help Christian win Roxanne by breathing his poetic soul into Christian? Will he write for Christian? Will he speak for Christian? Will Cyrano sacrifice his happiness to give Roxanne the desire of her heart?

Will Roxanne discover that “Beauty is empty entertainment, and she who finds entertainment in mediocrity reveals a bankrupt soul”? Let the merriment, the feast, and the melodies work their charm, as together we explore the depths of true love!

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Dramatic Category

Christmas Madrigal Dinner Theater


1Samuel 16: 7b


True love sees beyond the surface




14 – 40 people


2 hours


Timeless message of true love that looks at the heart, Excellent for a family Christmas celebration