The Parable Trail – (Electronic)


This collection of four “Fractured Parables” presents Jesus’ themes of mercy, forgiveness, and stewardship in “The Unmerciful Servant,” “The Prodigal Son,” “The Talents,” and “The Sower.” Five detectives: Bond,” “Holmes,” “Watson,” “Colombo,” and “Sergeant Friday” search for Jesus, “The Teacher.”


In this collection of four “Fractured Parables,” six detectives are in pursuit of “The Teacher,”” Jesus. The message of His parables has caused quite a stir in town, enough so that they had to call in the famous Sergeant Friday of “Dragnet” fame to track down the illusive teller of these life-changing tales.

The comic one-liners never quit in the interaction between the Detectives: ““Colombo,”” “”Two-story Homes”” and “”Watson,”” “”Savings Bond,”” and of course, “Ma’am,” the ditzy woman from whom Sergeant Friday is always, “just trying to get the facts.”

This delightfully zany retelling of the profound truths contained in the parables of “The Unmerciful Servant,”” “”The Prodigal Son,”” “”The Talents,”” and “”The Sower,” will keep the audience laughing, while learning the importance Jesus placed on mercy and stewardship.

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Dramatic Category

Skits On A Theme


Matthew 13: 10-17


Forgiveness and stewardship


Youth, adult, and family


6-30 people


30 minutes


A humorous look at forgiveness and stewardship, Witty, fun, challenging!, Excellent for a special 30-minute program: Thanksgiving, family nights, retreats, etc.