Chains of War


This “Skermon” (skit/sermon) is a picture of what hatred does. Mike’s friends help him justify his anger toward his brother-in-law over a bad investment deal. Each one leaves bad advice and a chain, until Mike can hardly move. A sermon on forgiveness follows as the pastor un-chains him.


In this “Skermon” (skit/sermon) about the effects of anger, Mike is choking in chains of hatred because he is at war with his brother-in-law over an investment deal that went sour and has resulted in an unpaid debt.

Four friends come by and leave him with some bad advice, along with an actual chain that weighs him down. Eventually, he is chained up to such a degree that he can hardly move, with bad advice ringing in his ears.

The pastor approaches the chained up Mike, and gradually un-chains him as he preaches about what it means to forgive and the dangers of harboring hatred in our hearts.

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Additional information

Dramatic Category



Matthew 5:5


Anger, hatred, grace, mercy, punishment


Youth and adults


3 men, 2 women


5 minutes


Real chains draped over an angry man, Presents a visual picture of the results of anger, Excellent for a sermon on anger management, or forgiveness, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!


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