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People Have Said The Nicest Things!

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“I’m very interested in your skits. I’ve been trying to develop a drama based Children’s Church for a long time but everything I found was so expensive. We are a really small church in a one grocery store town (if you know what I mean) and my budget is really small. Your skits are going to make a great children’s church experience for our kids…Thanks for sharing your talents to those of us in ministry at a wonderful price. Your items are VERY economical for what we are getting!”

Tamara Armstrong
New Life Baptist Church
Beeville, TX

“We are from a very active but small church. Last Saturday my husband and I spent all afternoon searching the web for a children’s program that could reach today’s kids and also be used for a large span of ages. Your program seems to be the answer to our prayers. Thank you.””

Darla & Doug Laughlin
Blaine, WA

“I bought at least seven skit books trying to pull out a systematic approach to the Gospel. I wanted to start with Creation, Sin, Our need for a Savior, How to be saved and then how to live for Christ. The night before I bought your books, I prayed and asked for the Lord to help us! Your program is the first one I have seen that had a systematic approach! I thank God for your skit books! I went from having one skit for one night, to having THREE YEARS worth of systematic skits! Thank you for serving the Lord through your skits. I can tell you put a lot of prayer and hard work into them!”

Laurie Whitworth
Calvary Chapel East Anaheim, CA

(from a mother of a 5th grade boy who plays “Harvey” in the skits at church) “I know Adam thinks about his skits and it EFFECTS his actions at school. He gets up on Sunday mornings and won’t miss a Sunday because he is “Harvey” on the Jubilee crew. Isn’t that the coolest? A 5th grade boy wanting to go to church!”

Bill White
WabashFriends Church
Wabash, IN

“I have told everyone how painless it (Skituations) is, how much fun it is, and how much the children learn! Thank you so much for your help, and your ministry. Lives have been blessed!”

Gerri Tolson
Leesburg, FL

“I have ordered many of your Skituations books over the past years. They have helped to turn our Children’s Praise program around! The children love the shows…!”

Dave Morelli

“I have personally been involved with Junior Worship for about 8 years, and wanted to express to you how pleased I am with the Skituations material…I think the adults (actors) involved have more fun than the kids. It never fails but during or after the skit, we find ourselves nearly in tears because we are laughing so hard!”

Kathy Moore
Longview Christian Church
Longview, TX

“Skituations has been great for our church, and the kids love it! We have been using it for 5 years now and the kids expect it on Wednesday nights. I tried doing something else about a year ago, and I kept hearing, ‘When is Harvey, Clem, Zelda, Tina, and Pastor Rufus coming back?’ so we went back to Skituations. Thank you for developing such a unique type of ministry that the children can relate to!”

Eliese McAllister
Christ United Methodist Church
Mobile, AL

“We’ve been using Skituations for seven months now. The children really love it! They truly are growing in Christ and are learning how to apply God’s Word in real life situations! We have heard great reports from parents about how their children talk about the skits or ‘act them out’ at home. Thanks for the wonderful material! Keep up the good work!”

Emily Reeves
Grace Church
Middleburg Heights, OH

“I have talked to people who have used your program and they say it is the best there is!”

Buddy Wilson
First Christian Church
Cowden, IL