Goodness and Mercy – (Electronic)


This “Christian Mime Theater” skit reminds us that God promises to surround us with goodness and cloak us in His mercy in every circumstance of our lives, even in the valleys. It is an excellent sermon illustration to remind believers that Jesus is the “Good Shepherd,” who provides rest and safety to us, His sheep.


Each one of the seven phrases of Psalm 23 is pictured in a modern-day scene that is acted out in mime; no words are spoken even though the characters may mouth dialogue while the narrator reads Psalm 23.

As the Psalm progresses, we first see a woman praying as she struggles to pay her bills. Next, a hiker rests beside a quiet stream, then a teenager makes peace with her mother. Next, a businessman summons his courage before a hostile committee. Then, a father rejoices in the simple gift of a bologna sandwich from his little son. Finally, a woman prays earnestly toward heaven.

Each of these pictures presents the visual essence of the meaning of Psalm 23, while reminders of His goodness and mercy flash onto the screen in the form of slides. It is especially effective if light pools go on and off while each line is being read.

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Dramatic Category

Christian Mime Theater


Psalm 23


God's goodness and mercy


Youth, family, and adults


11 people


8 minutes


A visible picture of the many ways God shelters and blesses His people, Presents a realistic look at the "peace that passes all understanding" even in difficulties, Excellent for a sermon on God's love, mercy, peace in turmoil, or God's faithfulness