The Portrait of Jeremy Coombs


This “Dream Skit” presents a beautiful portrait of a man who professes outward holiness, but the outward picture changes as the inward man compromises his integrity. This eerie portrait reverses when the man repents and sets up a message on unfailing Christian integrity.


This “Dream Skit” borrows it’s concept from the classic, “The Portrait of Dorian Grey.”

Jeremy Coombs is having a party in honor of his book, ““The Golden Rule, Ancient Secrets for Modern Success.” It has made it to the “Best Seller’s List.” To celebrate, his wife had a professional portrait of him taken, and she enlarged it to hang on the wall.

Each time Jeremy makes an ungodly choice in his thoughts, speech, or actions, his portrait dissolves to a new image. As the skit progresses, the images gradually become more foul looking.

As he shows his portrait to people, Jeremy notices the difference, but the people who see it compliment him on the amazing likeness. The picture eventually frightens Jeremy and he breaks down, begging God to take over his mind and set it on heavenly things. During this repentant moment a song of repentance such as, “Take My Life and Let it Be,” or “My Eyes Are Dry,” by Keith Green, is sung as the picture dissolves backwards and returns to Jeremy’s original, handsome, likeness.

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Additional information

Dramatic Category

Dream Skit


Colossians 3: 1-17


Compromise of holiness/integrity




3 men, 2 women, 1 child and many guests


10 minutes


An eerie look at the "wages of sin", Presents a graphic look what happens when holiness is compromised, Excellent for a sermon on sin, holiness, integrity, testimony, or repentance