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Invite Cora Alley To Inspire Your Women!

A portrait of Cora Alley


Cora has a passion to support, encourage, and inspire women!  Her ability to “connect” with all ages is evident in her being invited to return year after year to speak at church or camp women’s ministry gatherings. 

On this page is a listing of the topics that Cora has addressed in the past.  She is always ready to create a new experience for your women, based on the topic you have chosen.   

Because Cora is a Christian dramatist, almost all of the topics listed on this page have short dramas that can be performed by the women of your congregation. 

The scripts are sent ahead, and Cora assists in last-minute adjustments when she arrives. The skits provide witty, thought-provoking introductions to Cora’s sermons, and connect the women of your congregation to the heart of the message!

Women’s Retreats

The sub-topics listed are titles of the individual messages during the retreat.

“The Garden of the Lord”

“The Soil along the Path”
“The Rocky Soil” 
“The Thorny Soil” 
“The Good Soil”

Accompanying Skit: “The Dirt on Growing Up” A parody on “The Parable of the Sower.” 

“Psalm 1” 

“Like a tree, firmly planted”
“Which Yields it Fruit in its Season”
“Whose Leaf Does Not Whither”
“Whatever She Does, She Prospers”

“The Path Of Life”

“Stop” Priorities
“Danger” Purity
“Men And Equipment Working” Purpose
“Yield” Power
“One Way” Passion

“Love Covers A Multitude…”

“God Is Light”
“Family Love: Storge”
“Friendship Love: Philia”
“Passionate Love: Eros”
“God’s Love: Agape”

Accompanying skit: “The Love Connection” The “Four Loves” are compared to four contestants on a dating game show. “Agape” wins, but she cannot go alone. She must join with one of the other earthly loves, for any love relationship will become God’s perfect love with “Agape.”

“Living For What Really Matters”

“The Joy Of The Lord”
“The Agape Road
“The Wisdom of Solomon”
“In His Image”

“The Pilgrim’s Progress”

“Doubting Castle”
“Roaring Lion”
“Hill of Difficulty”
“Valley of Humiliation”
“Vanity Fair”
“Eternal Perspective”

“The Joy of The Bride”

“The Jewish Wedding”
“Amazing Grace”
“Being Female, An Added Measure of Grace”

Accompanying Skit: “Amazing Grace” The story of a young mother who searches for acceptance.

“Unless The Lord Builds The House…”

“Jesus: The Rock”
“In The World, Not Of It”
“Eternal Dwellings”

Couples Retreats

“The Marriage Mystery” 

(Presented together with her husband, Steve)

“The Jewish Wedding”
“The Primary Law
“Christian Relationships: The Basics”
“Christian Relationships: Advanced For Women”
“Christian Relationships: Advanced For Men”
“Solving the Marriage Mystery”

“In His Image”

“The Primary Law”
“Practicing The Primary Law”
“In His Image”
“Lifelong Commitment” 

Single Messages On Male/Female Relationships

“How To Keep A Sweet Heart”
“Pure and Chased”
“Keeping the Man or Woman of Your Dreams Out of Your Nightmares”
“Submission For The Sake Of Mission”
“For Better of for Worse, ‘Till Ministry Do You Part”
“Women, Then and Now: A Historical Perspective”
“Jesus: The Great Women’s Liberator”
“Proverbs 31: A Study for Modern Women”
“If Your Who Becomes YourWhat, Then What?”

Single Messages On Other Topics

“Stop, Wait, Go” (Christlikeness )
“I Call You Friends, If…” (Befriending Jesus)
“Fashion Show, Or Masquerade?”(Authentic friendship)
“Behold The Child” (Christian mothering)
“Hats Off To You” (Mother’s Day tribute about the many hats Moms wear)

Accompanying skit: “Brace Yourself” A delightful presentation of the “hats” women wear, and using Jesus to “brace” ourselves. 


Contact Cora via the contact information provided on the “Contact Us” page.