Who’s Gonna Know? – (Electronic)


This “Three In One Skit” illustrates the surprising integrity compromises that Christians sometimes make to “simplify” their workloads. It sets up a sermon on doing what we do “heartily, as unto the Lord,” without compromising the ethics of the Christian life.


This “Three In One Skit” takes a close look at three examples of compromising one’s integrity in order to “get the work done.”

In scene one, Carl and Brad piece together a paper from several Internet sources that provide papers on the subject. They figure that the teacher will never find out because it’s not like they are copying an entire paper.

In scene two, Paul gets a call from his roommate, Ken, asking Paul to print out a title page for a take-home exam, then email the paper to his teacher. A moment later Paul convinces, Sara, who has the same class as Ken, to email Ken’s answers to the exam to the professor so they can go out; after all, she hasn’t had time to take the test herself. Paul and Sara pull off the crime unbeknownst to Ken.

In scene three, Ellie, Beth, and Karen decide they will scramble up one paper written by Karen, and submit it to three teachers who teach English. The teachers will never find out that it is the same paper being turned in by three girls. The original author consents when each girl pays her $10.00.

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Dramatic Category

Three In One Skit


Colossians 3: 9




Youth and adult


8 college students


7 minutes


A surprising look at compromised integrity., Presents the subtle snares of "short-cuts.", Excellent for a sermon on integrity, compromise, Christian life, or spiritual warfare.