The Wife of Bath’s Tale – (Electronic)


The “Wife of Bath’s Tale” is a classic among The Canterbury Tales. In her tale, a knight betrays a maiden, and his punishment is rather odd: he must discover what it is that women want most, and if any maiden on the court disagrees, then, “off with his head!” Will he be saved? Watch and see.


The Christmas Madrigal Dinner is a wondrous night of16th century English charm, where the entire family will be surrounded by traditional carols, a lavish holiday feast, and enjoy the classic Renaissance play.

This evening’s story is loosely adapted from Geoffrey Chaucer’s 12th century classic, “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” contained in the larger work: The Canterbury Tales. He compiled the tales told by the faithful pilgrims each evening as they gathered around the warm fire on their way to the church at Canterbury.

A most outstanding tale was told by a woman who hailed from the town of Bath. Having had five husbands, she glibly called herself the “Wife of Bath.”

Considering herself an authority on men and women, the Wife of Bath relates a desperate tale of a knight in King Arthur’s court who betrays a maiden. In lieu of removing his head for his crime against womanhood, the Queen gives him an impossible task: “Discover what it is that women want most, and bring the answer to the ladies of the court.”

If all the ladies in the court agree, the knight lives, but if only one of the fairer sex disagrees with the Knight’s answer, then, “Off with his head!”

What adventure awaits our Knight this night? Will he find an answer with which all women agree? Eat up, dear guests, relax and see!

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Dramatic Category

Christmas Madrigal Dinner Theater


Philippians 2: 3


Submission brings rewards




14 – 40 people


2 hours


Timeless message of giving in and getting more than you imagined, Excellent for a family Christmas celebration