The Parable of The Wise and Foolish Builders


This “Fractured Parable” is a humorous depiction of Jesus’ challenge to “build” our lives on the “rock” of God’s Word. Those who do so are clearly compared to those whose lives crumble under the pressures of life because they chose to build their lives on the “sand” of worldly pleasures.


The “Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders” is the concluding metaphor of “The Sermon on the Mount.” In it, Jesus summarizes His world-shaking sermon with the idea that those who will “build” their lives on His teaching and obey the unchanging Word of God, will live lives of stability, security, and hope; but, those who choose any foundation other than the Word of God, will experience the shifting, insecure, collapsible lives of those who would build on sand.

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Dramatic Category

Fractured Parable


Matthew 7: 24-27


Godly choices


Youth, adult, family


6 players


5 minutes


A humorous look at a serious, life-changing subject, Presents a compelling challenge for making life choices based on God's Word, Excellent for a study on choices, consequences, God's Word, discipline, and Godly living