The Parable of The Talents


This “Fractured Parable” emphasizes the importance of using our God-given resources to increase His kingdom. It is an excellent introduction for a message on stewardship and the rewards for using our gifts to their potential, or the punishment for squandering them.


This familiar parable is retold using the antics of three mimes who become Mike, the faithful servant who multiplies his five talents into ten; Ike, who multiplies his two talents into four, and Patrick Mahoney III, who simply buries his talent.

The point is made that we are responsible for being active stewards of the gifts we are given; whether they be influence, financial wealth, physical talents, or other kinds of abilities, in order to build the Kingdom of God while Jesus, the Master, is away.

When Jesus returns, we will be judged according to the degree of faithfulness and hard work we showed in multiplying our resources while they were entrusted to us.

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Dramatic Category

Fractured Parable


Matthew 25: 14-30




Youth, adult, and family


6 players


7 minutes


A humorous look at stewardship, Presents a convicting picture of slothful Christians, Excellent for a sermon on stewardship, resourcefulness, money, talent, or time