The Parable of The Sheep and The Goats


This “Fractured Parable” presents a hilarious retelling of Jesus’ parable of the “Sheep and the Goats.” Jesus places such extreme importance on ministering to the needy that He puts Himself in the position of the one in need. When we minister to the needy, we ministry to Jesus himself.


This “Fractured Parable” presents the message of “The Sheep and the Goats” using commonplace, easily recognized needs, which people have, such as: loneliness, poverty, destructive habits, and emotional abuse.

We seem almost “used to” hearing the commands to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the abandoned, but how many of us notice those in need around us who suffer addictions to destructive habits, are desperately lonely or impoverished, and are victims of years of emotional abuse.

This contemporary adaptation of Jesus’ parable speaks to those “often hidden” human ailments and propels us to action.

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Dramatic Category

Fractured Parable


Matthew 25: 3l-46


Serving the poor is serving Jesus


Youth, adult, and family


3 men, 3 women


7 minutes


A humorous look at a serious subject, Presents a new kind of "needy": the depressed, lonely, and sad, Excellent for a sermon on compassion, obedience, wealth, sharing, or greed