The Love Connection – (Electronic)


In this final skit of the series, the “Four Loves” are compared to four contestants on a dating game show. “Agape” wins, but she cannot go alone. She must join with one of the other earthly loves, for any love relationship will become God’s perfect love with “Agape.” (This skit stands alone.)


This skit is a spoof of the classic television game show, “The Love Connection.” Each of the four loves is personified by one of the possible dates: “Storge” love looks homey; “Phileo” love wears team logos; “Eros” love is glamour princess; and “Agape” is dressed in white, carrying her Bible.

After interviewing them all, our contestant, Dan O’Malley, selects “Agape” as the superior love, but she cannot go alone. He must pick an “earthly relationship,” and she promises to come along because, “When Agape is present, all our relationships will reach God’s ideals.”

Note: This is the fourth skit in a series of four, but it can stand alone.

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Dramatic Category



1 Corinthians 13:13


Agape love's superiority


Youth, and adults


4 men, 4 women


10 minutes


A hilarious look at love as though it were a game show, Presents the complexity of love in simple terms, Excellent for a sermon on the four loves: eros, phileo, agape, and storge, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!