The Importance of All Spiritual Gifts – (Electronic)


This “Christian Mime Theater” skit presents a picture of how much God delights in equipping his church through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is an excellent sermon illustration for encouraging believers to ask for these gifts, and then have the faith and the courage to use them.


This “Christian Mime Theater” skit illustrates the wonderful “Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” expounded upon in 1 Corinthians 12:1, 4-12.

Five sets of characters spread out across the stage, each one representing one of the uses of the gifts of: wisdom, faith, healing, prophesy, or interpretation. A character, dressed in a tweed suit, atop a tall ladder, at center stage, represents God. He distributes beautifully wrapped gifts to those who climb the ladder and ask for them.

When these believers accept the gift God gives, and returns to the situation from whence they came, we see them faithfully use the gift God gave to solve their problem. Bob opens his gift to find a Bible inside; he then shares his gift of “wisdom” to calm his friend, Jim. Patrice opens her gift to find a tiny little Bible inside; she then shares her gift of “faith” to help her friend Beth stop her human striving. Donna opens her gift to find a small flask of oil; she then shares her gift of “healing” and prays for her friend, Anne. Jack opens his gift to find a bullhorn; he then finds boldness to share his gift of “prophesy.” Finally, Sharon opens her gift to find a headset; she then shares her gift of “interpretation” to bridge communication between her friends Paula and Laura.

This mime skit is a wonderful opener to a sermon series on the “Gifts of the Spirit””; however, this skit stands alone. Following this skit, spend one week on each gift (perhaps interview someone on your church campus who uses this gift), Then, present “One Body, Many Parts,” (script #CMT5) as a great way to summarize and finish out the series.

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Additional information

Dramatic Category

Christian Mime Theater


1 Corinthians 12: 1, 4-11


Spiritual gifts


Youth, adult, and family


12 people


9 minutes


A visible picture of five Spiritual Gifts in action, Presents an application of the abstract ideas of the gifts into tangible examples of them, Excellent for a sermon on the gifts of prophesy, healing, wisdom, knowledge, faith, or interpretation