The Great Banquet – (Electronic)


This “Christian Mime Theater” skit portrays those who “accept” the invitation of God to join His banquet (life in Christ) as well as those who “reject” it, for their own weak reasons. This pantomime paints a visual picture, and sets up a message on salvation and free will, through a contemporary lens.


This “Christian Mime Theater” skit portrays the “Parable of the Great Banquet.” It puts into a modern context, those who respond to the invitation of Jesus, the host.

Those who don’t accept the invitation are those who “bought a plot of land,” portrayed by a young couple who are building a new house; or “who just bought oxen,” portrayed by a woman who bought a new car; or “got married,” portrayed by a newly married couple. These people simply refuse the invitations when they come.

Those who accept the invitation to enjoy the bounty of his banquet, (God’s love and forgiveness), are the sick, the poor, those in the hedges (working class), and those on the highways (motor cyclists), who look pretty tough, but celebrate the privilege of being invited to the King’s fine banquet.

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Dramatic Category

Christian Mime Theater


Luke 14: 16-24


God's invitation to come to Him


Youth, family, and adults


18 people


10 minutes


A visible picture of God's great invitation to mankind, Presents a realistic look at the kinds of people who reject and those who accept God's invitation, Excellent for a sermon on God's love, man's response to God, redemption, free will, or joy of Heaven