The Dream Team – (Electronic)


In this skit, Joe learns a lesson in leadership skills: getting the diverse members of “the body of Christ” to work together. He would rather use a few men than include the inept volunteers on his building project team; his servant leadership grows. (Second of three skits; can stand alone.)


Learning how to get the “body of Christ” to work together in all its diversity is the subject of this revealing, short skit on leadership.

Joe, a contractor, would rather use his trusty four men to build the church playground than use the more than 20 volunteers who signed up to help, especially the women. His friend, Paul, explains to him that it takes all kinds of people to accomplish a task, and a team is more valuable than a precision task force when it comes to working in the “family of God.”

(NOTE: This skit is the second of three, but it can stand alone.)

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Dramatic Category



Romans 12:3-5


Diverse abilities




2 men


3 minutes


An insightful look at the value of diversity in the "Body of Christ", Presents the importance of instilling value in people by giving them important work, Excellent for a sermon on leadership, self-concept, or team building, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!