The Crown of Sovereignty – (Electronic)


This “Metaphor Skit” visits Trisha and Bob Bickerson, who exchange the “Crown of Sovereignty” as they bicker about what kind of car to buy. They set up a sermon on “mutual submission” in marriage, making it clear that neither sex has divine permission to dominate.


Trisha and Bob Bickerson argue about what kind of a car to buy. He wants something fast, and sporty; she wants a van for the kids and the groceries. Throughout the argument, the “Crown of Sovereignty” is passed between them, as both of them deliver a speech to the audience that “tells it like it really is” from the opposing viewpoints of the two sexes.

This “Metaphor Skit” sets up a sermon clearly stating that no one is allowed to be dominant in a Christian relationship. The laws of submission are mutual, and each sex must learn to serve the needs of the other in marriage: she submits her natural, maternal, administrative ability to “take charge,” and he submits the natural advantage his size and strength give him to achieve his will “by force.”

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Dramatic Category

Metaphor Skit


Philippians 2: 3, 4


Mutual submission in marriage


Youth and adult


1 man, 1 woman


5 minutes


A humorous look at which sex gets to dominate in marriage, Presents a compelling argument for "mutual submission", Excellent for a sermon on marriage, power, submission, dominance, or sacrifice, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!