The Compassion of God – (Electronic)


This “”Skermon”” (skit/sermon) is a picture of God’s compassion, with God speaking from atop a ladder while Abraham and Jonah speak from the floor. In both cases, God shows compassion for the righteous. The pastor narrates from the base of the ladder, then preaches on evangelism.


In this “Skermon” (skit/sermon) about God’s desire that “all should be saved,” we eavesdrop on a conversation between Abraham (who stands on the floor) and God (who speaks from the top of a tall ladder).

Abraham pleads with God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah from judgment for the sake of the righteous. The pastor makes the point that God demands punishment for the wicked, but He protects the righteous. He then sets the stage for the story of Jonah (who speaks to God from the other side of the ladder), showing God’s compassion for the lost by exhorting Jonah to preach a message of repentance to the Ninevites.

This makes a very effective stage picture of God’s compassionate heart for the righteous. In the case of Abraham, God shows compassion for the righteous; in the case of Jonah, God pleads with man to show compassion. The pastor presents his sermon in three parts, with skit vignettes illustrating each point.

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Dramatic Category



Genesis 18: 20-33, Jonah 4


Mercy, love, salvation, judgement, witnessing


Youth, adult, family


3 men, and the pastor


15 minutes


A look at the redemptive love of God, Presents a visual contrast between Jonah and Abraham, Excellent for a sermon on the compassion of God, atonement, or grace, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!