The Christmas Story – (Electronic)


“Story Time Theater” provides a delightfully creative venue for the telling of the events surrounding the birth of Christ. Two mimes and one “Story Lady” set up a sermon on the incarnation of God, the Christmas story. This refreshing, new method of storytelling brings out the child in every one.


This is the story of a birthday party! The birthday songs were sung by angels; the friends who came to celebrate were shepherds; and the gifts were given by the magi.

The events surrounding the birth of Christ are delightfully portrayed by a male and a female mime as the story is told by the “Story Lady” who embellishes every detail. A pianist provides an improvisational music track of Christmas Carols that makes this “Story Time Theater” moment a holiday treasure.

This script is an electronic script!
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Additional information

Dramatic Category

Story Time Theater


Luke 1, 2


The birth of Jesus


Children and family


1 male, 2 female, and 1 pianist


10 minutes


A delightful look at the events surrounding the birth of Christ, Presents a very artistic, creative venue for the Christmas story, Excellent for a sermon on Christmas, the incarnation, or God with us, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!