The Bible, God’s Book of Directions – (Electronic)


This “Story Time Theater” provides a delightfully creative venue for stressing the importance of reading the “directions,” God’s word, so we can conform to His ideal and not make a “mess” of our lives. Two mimes and one “Story Lady” set up a sermon on obedience and bring out the child in everyone.


This “Story Time Theater” portrays two examples of not following the directions. Michael builds a model and Emily bakes a cake. Both of them mess up their projects because they do not read the directions.

So it is with the Christian life: If we do not follow the directions, the Bible, we will end up with many “messes” that could have been avoided if we would have submitted ourselves to the author of our lives, God, who gave us His word as the directions for successfully living the Christian life.

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Dramatic Category

Story Time Theater


2 Timothy 3: 16, 17


The Bible, God's book of directions


Children and family


1 male, 2 females, and 1 pianist


10 minutes


A delightful look at the "mess" we make without God, Presents a very artistic, creative venue for presenting the Bible as God's "Book of Directions", Excellent for a sermon on Bible study, prayer times, discipleship, or evangelism, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!