Signs From God – (Electronic)


These four “Collected Skits” are on the theme of fruitful Christian living: stewardship, holiness, love, and hope. Together, these skits combine to show four areas of life that God intends to govern, as well as, bless when we submit and obey His commands. This is excellent for a sermon on the Christian life.


This collection of four skits begins with one man, stepping out onto a bare stage, and asking God communicate to him the “meaning of life.”

In answer to the man’s questions, four boxes come flying onto the stage; each box has one letter pasted on each of its four sides. The man begins to stack the boxes so that the letters form the answer to the question. After each skit, he comes back onto the stage, asks God his next question, the boxes fly out, he stacks them up, and he makes a new word which sets up the next skit.

The word “WORK” introduces the skit, “Hard Labor,” which admonishes believers to do their work “as unto the Lord” and be good stewards of our time and energy.

The word “LIVE” introduces the skit, “Run to Win,” which warns us to live a life of holiness and not weigh down our lives with bad choices.

The word “LOVE” introduces the skit, “Construction Zone,” which teaches us to edify each other with our every word and deed, thus loving each other as Jesus implores us to do.

The word “HOPE” introduces the skit, “Finding ‘H,’” which builds our anticipation for our eventual heavenly home.

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Dramatic Category

Skits On A Theme


Micah 6:8


Living a fruitful Christian life


Youth, adult, and family


3 men, 3 women (or up to 30)


30-40 minutes


A look at getting the most out of life, Presents four skits on living the Christian life abundantly, Excellent for a sermon on work, love, holiness, hope, heaven, responsibility, or the meaning of life.