Run To Win – (Electronic)


In this “Metaphor Skit,” Jeff is trying to run a race, but visitors who offer him drugs, alcohol, dirty magazines and bad company hinder him. Each one leaves a chain, representing a choice to give in to sin, until finally, Jeff drops in discouragement. A sermon on spiritual warfare follows.


Jeff is encouraged to run the race with as little to weigh him down as possible. The coach even has him change his shoes because the others are “too heavy.”

When left to run the race, Jeff encounters several people who represent types of sins, personified. His first obstacle is a person named “Drugs” who comes by and offers him a joint. Jeff takes it, and as the joint is passed off, so is a heavy chain that “Drugs” puts around his neck. As the skit continues, “Dirty Dude,” leaves him a shady magazine and a corresponding chain; as does “Loose Lady,” and “Discouragement,” who locks him up with a padlock as she says, “Just quit caring.”

Finally, the coach returns to find Jeff so bound up in the chains of bad choices that he can hardly move, much less run a race. The coach begins to unwrap the chains using the “choice to set your eyes on Jesus,” as the key that unlocks the padlock of sin’s grasp.

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Additional information

Dramatic Category

Metaphor Skit


Hebrews 12: 1b, 2a


Making godly choices


Youth and adult


3 men, 3 women


7 minutes


A graphic look at the results of sin, Presents a way to back out of bad choices, Excellent for a sermon on the wages of sin, forgiveness, repentance, or decision-making, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!