Resurrection Theories – (Electronic)


This “Three In One Skit” helps people understand that there are three basic theories that try to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ: the “Swoon Theory,” The “Theft Theory,” and the “Hallucination Theory.” Each theory is examined and sets up a sermon on the literal resurrection.


This “Three In One Skit” examines three resurrection theories:

Carl, a believer is arguing with his friend, Patrice, a skeptic. He insists on the “Swoon Theory,” that Jesus just “passed out,” then rolled away the stone and left.

Greg, a believer, argues with Carrie, a skeptic, as he advocates the “Theft Theory,” that the disciples of Jesus simply “took” the body.

Finally, Donna, a skeptic, tries to prove to her husband, Frank, who has a simple faith in the Bible, that the “Hallucination Theory” is correct and the disciples only “thought” they saw the body of Jesus.

In each case the scene ends with the line, “No man can resurrect from the dead.” This sets up the pastor’s sermon to argue the case that Jesus was not an ordinary man: He is God!

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Dramatic Category

Three In One Skit


Matthew 28


3 theories of the resurrection


Youth and adult


3 men, 3 women


6 minutes


An insightful look at three resurrection theories., Presents an introduction of the ¿Swoon, ¿ ¿Theft, ¿ and ¿Hallucination¿ theories., Excellent for a sermon on the resurrection, faith, hope, new life, or eternity.