Miracle Monologues – (Electronic)


Three monologues, balance Christian responsibility with God’s intervention in human suffering. Each one wants God to intervene and sets the stage for a sermon on God’s provision, our responsibility to take actions, and the role of suffering in the life of the believer.


These three monologues approach the subject of “miracles” from three different perspectives; each one balancing Christian responsibility with God’s intervention in human suffering.

First, Frank realizes that God expects us to act, rather than ask for a miracle, if it is within our power to do so. Second, Nikki pleads for God’s intervention in her physical illness and laments that her efforts have failed. Finally, Donna experiences the spiritual growth that occurs when we do not get the miracle that we expected.

In each instance the type of miracle we seek is different, and our role as believers changes as well. Sometimes, we expect God to do for us what He expects us to do for ourselves; other times, only He can rescue us with supernatural power.

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Dramatic Category



John 15: 7


Miracles, suffering, God's will, perseverance


Youth and adult


1 man, 2 women


4 minutes


An new look at miracles, Addresses our role in changing our circumstances, Excellent for a sermon on faith and action, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!