Leadership Matters – (Electronic)


These three “Collected Skits” model godly leadership by contrasting “power” and “authority” as leadership styles, celebrating people with diverse abilities to accomplish a task, and presenting God as the ultimate visionary in any project. Excellent for a sermon on biblical leadership.


This collection of three skits presents a biblical perspective on the subject of leadership.

In the first skit, “Follow the Leader,” Joe, a contractor, is hired by the church to build a playground. He isn’t enjoying much cooperation from the task force who volunteered to help him because he is using “power” techniques to complete the project. He learns that there is another way to lead people, by “earning the right to be heard,” and thus gaining “authority” over them.

In the second skit, “The Dream Team,” Joe would rather use his trusty four men to build the church playground than use the more than 20 volunteers who signed up to help, especially since half of them are women, and he wonders what good they could possibly be! His friend, Paul, explains to him that it takes all kinds of people to accomplish a task, and a team is more valuable than a precision task force when it comes to working in the “family of God.”

In the third skit, “The Three-strand Cord,” Joe comes to the realization that God’s way is the best way to accomplish any task. After reading Ecclesiastes, he begins to understand that God is the third cord in the “three-strand cord that is not easily broken.”

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Dramatic Category

Skits On A Theme


Proverbs 29:18


Godly leadership


Youth, adult, and family


2 men


15 minutes


A look at the clash between worldly and godly leadership styles, Presents three skits on the theme of biblical leadership, Excellent for a sermon on power, authority, teamwork, "the Body of Christ, " vision, or stewardship