I Win, God Said! – (Electronic)


The danger of one-sided submission in marriage relationships is the topic of this “Skermon” (skit/sermon). He battles for a new table saw, while she wants to spend money on a vacation. The pastor interrupts the conflict encouraging mutual submission, beginning with our surrender to God.


In this “Skermon” (skit/sermon) about marriage relationships, she wants to go to Hawaii for a vacation, but he wants their money to go towards a new table saw. He is convinced that he is in the right here, because, after all, the Bible says, “Wives submit to your husbands in everything.” He completely ignores that husbands are to “give yourself up for her.”

The pastor interrupts this skit once the conflict is established; he makes his point of the dangers of one-sided submission, then the skit concludes.

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Dramatic Category



Ephesians 5:22


Mutual submission in marriage


Youth and adult


1 man, 1 woman


3 minutes


A shocking look at the misuse of authority, Presents the danger of one-sided submission, Excellent for a sermon on marriage roles, sacrifice, or love, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!