Heart Break Cafe – Unbiased Compassion – (Electronic)


Unbiased compassion for the lost is the topic of this skit/sermon set in the “Heart Break Café.” The pastor delivers his sermon while waiting for a tow truck. He witnesses to LaRoue, the abrasive waitress, much to the horror of his friend, Mike, who does not associate with her “kind.”


The “Heart Break Café” is a delightful way for the pastor to deliver his sermon. It is, in every way, the ultimate “Skermon” in that it truly is a skit and a sermon, run together into one seamless story-telling moment.

In this visit, Pastor Barry and his friend, Mike, are stuck on the “wrong side of town” as evening approaches, due to car trouble. They wait for the tow truck at The Heart Break Café.

Barry strikes up a conversation with LaRoue, the “hard-luck” waitress, and begins sharing the gospel with her. Mike is appalled that Barry would relate to “such a woman”! Throughout the “freeze moments” in the skit, Barry connects Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman to their encounter with LaRoue, all the while stressing that unbiased compassion is the identifier of all those who would call themselves Christians, and the gospel is for everyone!

The “Heart Break Café” is created on stage with a table and two chairs. Place the script’s “cheat sheet” inside the menus, so the main lines are delivered on cue, but adlib the rest, and have fun!

This script is an electronic script!
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Additional information

Dramatic Category

Heart Break Cafe


John 4:7-26


Compassion without prejudice


Youth, adults, family


1 woman, 2 men


20 minutes (including sermon)


An hilarious look at real compassion, Presents instant application of spiritual truth, Excellent for a sermon on caring, witnessing, or prejudice