Heart Break Cafe – Taming Anger – (Electronic)


Anger management is the topic of this skit/sermon set in the “Heart Break Café.” The pastor delivers his sermon while having lunch with Carl, who has an anger management problem, which is constantly being tried and tested by the hilarious, yet abrasive, waitress, LaRoue.


The “Heart Break Café” is a delightful way for the pastor to deliver his sermon. It is, in every way, the ultimate “Skermon” in that it truly is a skit and a sermon, run together into one seamless story-telling moment.

In this visit, Pastor Barry agrees to discuss Carl’s problem with anger over some refreshments at the Heart Break Cafe. During their conversation, LaRoue, the waitress, provides plenty of opportunities for Carl to practice Pastor Barry’s advice, from watching his tone of voice, to finally forgiving LaRoue from his heart.

The “Heart Break Café” is created on stage with a table and two chairs. Place the script’s “cheat sheet” inside the menus, so the main lines are delivered on cue, but adlib the rest, and have fun!

This script is an electronic script!
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Additional information

Dramatic Category

Heart Break Cafe


Proverbs 15:1; James 3:8; 4:1-3; Mark 11:25


Controlling anger


Youth, adults, family


2 woman (1 off stage), 2 men


20 minutes (including sermon)


A hilarious look at anger management, Presents instant application of spiritual truth, Excellent for a sermon on self-control, patience, long-suffering, or forgiveness