Follow the Leader – (Electronic)


This skit on the difference between “power and authority” finds Joe, a contractor, who can’t get anything done by wielding power. He learns that authority comes to sacrificial “servant leaders” who prioritize others in their interpersonal relationships. (First of three skits; it can stand alone.)


The marked difference between “power and authority” is the subject of this revealing, short skit on leadership. Joe is a contractor, hired by the church to build a playground. He isn’t enjoying much cooperation from the task force who volunteered to help him because he is using “power” techniques to complete the project.

Joe learns that there is another way to lead people, by “earning the right to be heard,” and thus gaining “authority” over them. He learns that “authority” gets much more done in his absence; whereas, power only works when he’s present. He learns, however, that authority is not given as much as it is earned by sacrificing himself and putting the best interests of his followers above his own. Joe learns the lessons of “servant leadership” first hand.

(NOTE: This skit is the first of three, but it can stand alone.)

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Dramatic Category



1 Thessalonians 2:11, 12


Power and authority in leadership




2 men


3 minutes


An insightful look at the difference between "power" and "authority", Presents the importance of sacrificial "servant leadership", Excellent for a sermon on leadership, servant's heart, sacrifice, power, or authority, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!