Everyman – (Electronic)


“Everyman” centers around the inevitable foe, Death, who comes for Everyman (the Jester). After all his companions forsake him, he stands with Jesus, to face eternity.


The Christmas Madrigal Dinner is a wondrous night of16th century English charm, where the entire family will be surrounded by traditional carols, a lavish holiday feast, and enjoy the classic Renaissance play.

Tonight, the King’s players tell the story of “Everyman,”” the 11th century classic morality play.

It centers around the inevitable foe, “Death,” coming for “Everyman” (the Jester). He seeks company for his desperate journey as he goes to give an account of his life to God, but alas, all forsake him: his friends, his family, his riches, and even his good deeds.

Finally, in desperation, ““Wisdom,”” comes to him to share with him the Good News that Jesus is the only one who will stand with us, not only while we live, but as we take our final journey as well. As we celebrate the birth of our one true companion, rejoice in Jesus for our life in Him is truly life everlasting!

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Dramatic Category

Christmas Madrigal Dinner Theater


1Corinthians 15: 55


Salvation through Jesus conquers death




20 – 40 people


2 hours


Timeless message of hope and forgiveness, Excellent for a family Christmas celebration