Don’t Touch Me! – (Electronic)


Learning how to develop healthy love relationships is the topic of this skit. Carl is in line at the DMV and cannot abide having anyone enter his “personal space.” This skit sets up a sermon on “loving others.” It is the first step in being “light and salt” in a dark and bland world.


In this skit about learning to love others whole-heartedly,

Carl is in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. He is phobic about his “personal space.” He prefers to be alone and does all he can to get away from people. This is the opposite of what God wants.

This short snapshot of Carl’s misery sets up a sermon that stresses the importance of learning to whole-heartedly love others, which comes only as a result of whole-heartedly loving God first.

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Dramatic Category



Mark 12:30


Love God and people




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1 man, 5 other adults (at least 1 woman), 1 baby (or doll)


A humorous look at people who insist on isolation, Presents the importance on loving people, Excellent for a sermon on evangelism, witnessing, testimony, or love, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!