Broken Wings


In this Christmas skit, Grandpa Beasley is coaxed to come to church by his tiny grand-daughter who reminds him that although Christmas may be for children, “You’re a child of God, and you’re in His family; you always will be. This skit sets up a sermon on Christmas being for all the children of God.


In this Christmas skit, the Beasley family passes the time, waiting for Aunt Flossey to arrive for the holidays, but Grandpa is not in the holiday spirit because he thinks Christmas is only for children.

When the rest of the family piles into the car, Grandpa warily emerges onto the stage. Five-year-old Mary Beth comes back to get her coat and reminds Grandpa of who he really is:  You’re a child of God, and you’re in His family…you always will be.”

Grandpa joins the family with the prompting of his little angel.”

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Dramatic Category



John 1:12


Christmas is for young and old


Youth and adult


3 men, 3 women, 1 boy, 1 girl


15 minutes


A sensitive look at Christmas being for all the children of God, Presents a humorous look at the diversity in one family, Excellent for sermons on Christmas, family relationships, or normal life, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!