Be Like Little Children – (Electronic)


Making our love relationships work through the power of God’s agape love is the topic of this first skit in a series of four that follows the same cast from childhood to senior citizens. In the first skit, the “children” learn that God’s love is an active, helping verb! (This skit can stand alone.)


This skit is the first of four that explains and illustrates the “four loves,” as made popular by C.S. Lewis in his book, “The Four Loves.”

In this first skit, Ken introduces the true nature of love to his fourth grade Sunday school class, where we see examples of the three “earthly loves”: a flirting couple, foreshadowing “eros” (romantic love); a set of sisters, showing an example of “storge” (family love); and a trio of children’s choir members, showing an example of “phileo” (brotherly love united by a cause). Ken communicates the simplicity of God’s love, “Agape,” as a “verb,” something we “do” rather than something we merely “say.”

Note: This is the first skit of a series of four, but it can stand alone.

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Dramatic Category



1 John 3:18


An introduction to the four loves


Youth, adults, family


4 men, 4 women (or real children)


8 minutes


An endearing look at children who learn about love, Presents the complexity of love in simple terms, Excellent for a sermon on the four loves: eros, phileo, agape, and storge, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!