Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Evangelism in the workplace is the topic of this Skermon (skit/sermon). Three employees torment their co-workers with the Gospel; one with spiritual advice, another with tracts, and another with “holy email.” The pastor comments throughout during freezes or at the end as all freeze.


In this “Skermon” (skit/sermon) about sharing one’s faith, three pictures of disastrous witnessing begin with Carrie as the “persistent pastor,” who insists on giving spiritual advice to people who aren’t spiritual yet! Matt places Christian tracts in the workspace of his co-workers, and Paulette is the email evangelist who broadcasts spiritual tidbits on the office email.

Every attempt backfires! The pastor may interrupt each vignette, or freeze the office scene at the end and walk up to each “evangelist” and comment on the tactics.

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Additional information

Dramatic Category



Matthew 5:14


Appropriate witnessing


Youth and adults


7 players (male or female)


6 minutes


A comical look at "earning the right to be heard.", Presents the wrong way to share your faith at work, Excellent for a sermon on personal evangelism or witnessing, Electronic Script – No Shipping Required!