A Heartfelt Christmas – (Electronic)


In this simple story of a heart-broken little girl, searching for her lost hamsters, we see the “heart” of God who came to earth in a manger to rescue His beloved people. This play is a “storyline” only. It provides a context into which any number of Christmas songs will fit. Create an unforgettable family holiday memory that looks at the why behind Christmas.


Have you ever lost something you really loved? Have you ever searched for it with all your might? Have you ever been broken hearted because you wanted it back? If you have, you have a lot in common with God. “A Heartfelt Christmas” tells the story a broken-hearted little girl who is up all night searching for her beloved hamsters who ran away, because she left the cage door open.

While calling for them in the night, she wakes up her Grandpa, who has fallen asleep on the couch while reading the Bible. Grandpa attempts to take her mind off of her tragedy by reading to her about someone else who lost His beloved creatures and has a broken heart, too: God! Grandpa chronicles the story of God’s quest to restore the fellowship lost in the garden. He begins with the calling of Abraham, goes on to the 10 commandments, then to the prophets, and finally he surprises his grand daughter by telling her that God became one of us so he could “find us by speaking our language.”

This delightful story is artfully woven around your favorite Christmas carols. The script has suggested places when you can insert music that you feel best expresses the various scenes. The action culminates at a crisis point when Jeanne’s brother refuses to attend the Christmas Eve concert with his family because he cannot understand why God would ever come to earth and be born as a human being.
Jeanne explains that this was how we could know Him and understand Him, and most important of all, that our sins are forgiven because this little baby grew to be the perfect sacrifice. Her new-found understanding of how the “lost” become “found,” prompts little Jeanne to employ a hamster on a leash so he can “find his own kind.” The story of God’s search for His people is told in a way that will communicate to young and old alike as we celebrate the miracle of Christmas.

This play is a “storyline” only. It provides a context into which any number of Christmas songs will fit. This performance is ideal for soloists, ensembles, and choirs of any size and any age. The first six songs are interspersed into the first act, with the remaining songs making up the “Christmas Choir Concert,” which the “family” of characters attends.

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Dramatic Category

Christian Play


John 1:14; John 3:16


Christmas story or musical


Children, youth, family, and adults


7 players + unlimited singers


1 hour


Presents the "big picture" of God's theology., Presents the courtship of God, from Genesis to Revelation, with a stopover in Bethlehem!, Excellent for a sermon on God's love, forgiveness, Christmas story, witnessing, or free will