A Bird’s Eye View – (Electronic)


This Christian play explains the reasons behind God’s mandate for sexual abstinence until marriage, and celebrates God’s forgiveness of those who repent and turn away from sexual sin. It sets up a sermon on God’s plan for sex, as it tells a compelling story through acting, music, and mime.


“A Bird’s Eye View” is a Christian play written for teens and young adults, advocating sexual abstinence until marriage. It is the story of a Jennifer McKenzie, a young woman who looses her virginity on the night of the Junior / Senior Prom at her high school. What results is a crisis that manifests itself both physically in her Bulimia and psychologically in her depression.

Jennifer comes to see Dr. Morris, a comical psychologist who surrounds himself with objects that help him dig out what is bothering his patients. He brings out a tiny garden trellis with a little bird perched inside. The garden is locked, and the bird is at peace. With great skill and humor, Dr. Morris begins to untangle the web of feelings in Jennifer’s heart as he compares her to the bird behind the locked gate.

On the opposite side of the stage, a life-size trellis is set up. It has an enormous lock on it, and a huge key lies on the floor in front of the locked gate. Three mimes, two men and one women, act out the “memories” of Jennifer’s experience. (See script notes for suggested for choreography.) The action of the play moves back and forth between Jennifer’s interview with Dr. Morris and the metaphor of the emotional memory acted out by the mimes.

The “trellis” represents a young girl’s life. The “lock” represents her virginity. The “key” represents her choice. When the young man returns her key to her in the last mime sequence, he is giving her the choice back and opting not to take it from her. This man is a hero, and celebrates the control and dedication to God that so many young men have. He is a stark contrast to the young man who takes her choice from her in the second sequence.

This play works hard not to cast blame on either sex for the abuse of sexuality, but rather it examines God’s “big picture,” or His “Bird’s Eye View” of sex and the relationship between men and women.

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Dramatic Category

Christian Play


I Corinthians 6:19-20


Sexual abstinence until marriage


Youth and single adults


3 men, 3 women


1 hour


A look at the results of pre-marital sex, Presents a sensitive picture of a life-changing subject, Excellent for a sermon on sexuality, God's plan for sex, abstinence, virginity, or repentance